PostCoin is a new crypto currency, technically more perfect than Bitcoin. Crypto-currency Postcoin surpasses all classical payment systems and banks. Provides a high degree of anonymity, low transfers fee, absolute transparency of transactions due to block-technology.

Road Map PostCoin Wallets & Sources Exchange

Road Map PostCoin

  • Browser blocks PostCoin with statistics and analytics in blockchain addresses, transactions, blocks.

  • Develop a new forum, wiki, chat and other tools within the PostCoin community.

  • Creation of personal ranked online purses with the necessary set of local client functions. A rank is required.

  • Multifunctional Business Wallet for fast and convenient payments in the network with minimal commissions and costs.

  • Create a payment button designer to accept payments without an online store in the business wallet.

  • Create PostCoin community games to investigate the integrity, non-interference and blockchain integration.

  • Development of additional automated community services, investment tools. The user's office of PostCoin with a lot of useful functions. Automation of most PostCoin payments.

  • API for automation of online stores, merchants, payment gateways PostCoin. Auto payment services. Modules for popular CMS.

  • Translating services, applications, and the main PostCoin community portal into other languages.

  • Interaction Blockchain PostCoin with Multichain.

  • Creation of online AAA-class games using PostCoin as a gaming unit of account. Development of alternative P2P technologies for integration with infrastructure.

  • Interaction Blockchain PostCoin with SideChain.

Wallets & Source code

Purses PostCoin. Exchange. Services. Statistics.

Characteristics PostCoin

Issued coins 31 370 117,627500 POST

Burned coins 14945493.416363 POST

Algorithm PoS, Blocks 1225979

In the back 16 424 624,211137

Difficulty 0.10619422

Active Addresses 3